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Tiqqette Collection 

Welcome to Tiqqette Collection UK - the premium independent fashion label owned and run by Illumes Sphere Ltd. We are based in Edinburgh. We design and produce most of our own label in partnership with very carefully selected specialist manufacturers around the globe. We also bring you the latest collection of fashionable items from other premium labels, using the services of well established wholesalers and accredited distributors from around the United Kingdom and beyond.

Please browse through our latest collection and feel very free to get in touch with any enquiries and suggestions.


Bespoke Couture

Do you need a trendy signature couture outfit? Do you want it made to fit? Then there's no better place to go than to us. At Tiqqette, we are passionate about elegance and more so about ethnic wears. You cannot overestimate the value of a well crafted couture outfit, they help us look different and classy. We guarantee you will love our offering even when you do not specify a design of choice. Peruse our price range for different fabrics and challenge us to deliver on our promise in 3 very easy steps.

Step 1

The first step on your journey to styling your affordable elegance with Tiqqette is to decide what fabric you wish to use. The most common fabrics for crafting very beautiful coutures include wool, cotton, linen, polyester, Ankara, wax prints, lace, brocade and certain popular blends of these fabrics, and more. We can offer a free guidance and quote on a non-advice basis. 

Step 2

Choose your style. You can choose from any of the styles in our range or provide a picture of the style you want us to craft for you. If you do not have a style in mind, we can talk you through the various trendy styles and options that we think will compliment your wardrobe and outlook. We seldom get it wrong but relax, we are here for you and we guarantee we'll do everything possible to keep you a happy customer.

Step 3

Once we have sorted the first 2 steps, the 3rd is usually a walk in the park. We will agree the price and the turn-around time. Since 2011, we have been consistent in delivering affordable elegance. We guarantee we will never be beaten on quality and price when it comes to couture. All that is left now is - enjoy your couture and please tell your friends and family.

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